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Dec 25, 2012 2:00am PST
day, morning and evening. the music of the bells gives a special touch to the city. >> this small belgian city -- world famous. its landmarks are its churches. eight of them within less than 3 square kilometers. most of them are centuries old. two churches have their own carrion's. he sees himself as a kind of fortunate custodian of the city. >> i find it really inspiring that my instrument is housed in such a beautiful historic buildings. from the towers, i have a wonderful view. i can see what is going on below, and that is really inspiring. >> of the city is proud of its bills. the royal carry on school was founded here in 1922. students from around the world, both professionals and gifted amateurs, come here to perfect their performance. >> here, it is the feeling that counts. i am from the netherlands where the written is more important, but here, they listen to the sound. and at eddie gets its pick of the most talented pupils. it takes years for the students to earn a diploma that entitles them to play in public. playing carry on, require silence, says eddie. he finds it in
Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm PST
happening in the city below. i become absorbed in this atmosphere. >> this is home to predominantly kurds and arabs, and it seems most of them have caught pigeon fever. many shops in the city hosts auctions every evening. bidding starts at about two euros, but the finest birds can fetch thousands. >> the goods are carefully inspected, and much tea is consumed. the sign let's punters no exchanges are out. >> he is no gambler and is not convinced by the birds on offer tonight. >> the most i have ever paid for a bird is about 400 euros. >> the most expenve bds are the ones that can fly abroad and back. thousands of kilometers from here to germany or holland, for example. >> but pidgeon breeding in turkey is not always a peaceful pastime. knives or pistils are drawn during fights over the best birds. that is what brought on the shootings that the end of april, a fight which left one dead and two injured. there are aund 10,000igeo breeders here alone. the city's bazar = -- bazaar revolves around this pastime. it is where arif purchases jewelry for his beloved creatures. evening has fallen, and
Dec 8, 2012 8:30am PST
. in many countries, they believe the answer lies in property. property prices on many big cities are still booming, and that means there is a shortage of affordable housing for students or low-income families. people being priced out of a home has become a major problem in hamburg in germany with many people forced to live with relatives or to commute long distances to work or study in the city center. the challenge now is for the authorities to provide new, cheaper housing, but, of course, finding they could building plots in a city is not always easy to do. dan hamburg's knew of market city district has become a tourist attraction. hamburg is a rich city, and it is becoming less and less affordable for average earners. many here live a shadowy existence, on the go all day with no place of their own, spending nights on the sofa us of friends. lena is studying political science at the university of hamburg. she is not registered, so we cannot fill her at home. >> i live with a friend in a half from, which they are not allowed to sublet. that means i cannot have my name on e-mail
Dec 18, 2012 2:00am PST
, and most of all, the disabled. >> cities are proud of their famous sons or daughters, and they like to name schools, streets, and public buildings after them, but what you do if the most famous child of your town is considered one of the worst criminals who ever lived? adolf hitler was born in austria. his house of birth is still standing. unlike many other not see buildings that were torn down by allied forces after the second world war. although hitler did not live there for long, there is a big controversy about what to do with the house. >> the river forms the border between germany and austria here. the quaint town with its 16,000 inhabitants is located on the austrian side of the border, but it is a place with a historical burden that the town's patron saint can do little to avert. it is adolf hitler's birthplace, and it has inherited a real estate problem. . the address of hitler's birthplace is an expensive property in the center of town. it has been in the since last year -- it has been empty since last year. braunau's mayor suggested turning the house into rental apar
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)